Sapienza University



With over 700 years of history and 115,000 students, Sapienza University of Rome – founded in 1303 – is one of the oldest universities in the world, the largest University in Europe and a top performer in international university rankings.

Sapienza is a public University that employs over 4,500 professors and 5,000 administrative and technical staff and offers a wide choice of courses including over 300 degree programmes and 250 1st and 2nd level specialized qualifications along with 59 libraries, 20 museums and many support services at the disposal of its students coming from Italy and abroad. It also provides a wide range of international opportunities, such as double-title degrees, scholarships for writing thesis’ abroad, apprenticeships and internships in European and non-European countries, and international doctorates.

Sapienza is member of several international inter-university networks and carries out leading scientific investigations in almost all disciplines, achieving high-standard results, both on a national and an international level. It boasts 11 Faculties, 63 Departments, 24 Research Centers and over 150 PhDs programmes in all fields of knowledge.

Sapienza plays an active role in research, international rankings, PhDs and mobility programmes in order to develop the exchange of professors and researchers, new partnerships and projects that enrich its international panorama.



The University annually funds hundreds of projects that meet rigorous criteria of scientific excellence and innovation. The University also promotes the active management of its patent portfolio, securing licenses and development contracts in the pursuit of innovative entrepreneurship, registering every year several patents which are sold to national and international companies for commercial application. Innovative start-up companies are also continuously launched, with a turnover of about 2 Million Euros per year, mainly in chemistry, energy and environment. In an effective and continuous link between research and industry Sapienza stipulates agreements with industrial associations that bring together thousands of business working at local level.

Among its huge fields of academic activity Sapienza is very active in Building Sciences research and design through its two Faculties of Architecture and of Civil and Industrial Engineering, along with the Interdepartmental Research Center for Territory, Building, Restoration and Environment (CITERA).

Sapienza’s Building Sciences research and design activities are focused on Energy efficiency and Renewable energy, Advanced materials, Industrial Design, Green Buildings and Smart Cities and include scientific and technical consultancy to Italian Public Authorities on policy making and for the development of specific standards on environmentally sustainable construction. In the last decade alone, Sapienza has successfully lead / took part in a large portfolio of relevant international and national projects on Energy Efficiency of Buildings and Smart Cities and Communities. It has also focused on the definition and experimentation of theories, methods, and technical and operational tools to innovate, change and transform the built environment, carrying out important innovative projects at the building and district scale, promoting the technological culture of design and actively involving industrial partners for successful technology transfer.



Sapienza University sees SDME as a truly special opportunity for its students allowing them to learn, take theory and put it into practice, doing so through a case study within an international context, as well as a taking advantage of cultural and academic exchanges in order to create enrichment.

The important objectives carried out by Solar Decathlon Competition are moreover fully aligned with Sapienza’s vision and mission in the fields of education, research, innovation and sustainable development.