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29th May 2017 – Faculty of Architecture Valle Giulia
Philips Lighting – The future of connected Light

The 7° technical seminar held by the partners of Team Sapienza SDME for the ReStart4Smart project will take place in the Classroom 1 at the Faculty of Architecture Valle Giulia. 
Guest seminar speakers will be Paola Bertoletti, Training Manager, and Gianni Coppari, National Key Account Manager, Hue Ambassador & Agent Coordinator at Philips Lighting.
Objective of the seminar will be to talk about the themes of smart lighting and LED technology, and the central role they play in smart buildings, from homes to offices, regarding in particular the regulatory framework and energy efficiency.
During the seminar the potentials and technical characteristics of Philips Hue products will be outlined, illustrating their possible application within the project ReStart4Smart.