The SDME’s 2018 Organization goal is to contribute to the knowledge and dissemination of industrialized, solar and sustainable housing through the followings targets:
 To raise awareness of the students participating in the competition on the benefits and opportunities offered by the use of renewable energy technologies, energy management and sustainable construction, challenging them to think creatively and develop innovative solutions that contribute to energy savings.
 To encourage professionals from different industries to select materials and systems that reduce the environmental impact of their buildings, optimizing its economic viability and providing comfort and safety of occupants.
 To educate the general public about responsible energy use, energy efficiency and the technologies available to help them to reduce/optimize their energy consumption.
 To encourage the use of solar technologies and to promote architecturally attractive solar system integration, working on using the solar technologies to replace conventional construction materials in the building envelope such as the roof, skylights or facades.
 To clearly demonstrate that high performance solar homes can be comfortable, attractive and affordable and that a beautifully and well-designed house can generate enough electricity to meet the needs of a household.