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11th April 2017 – Faculty of Architecture Via Flaminia
Rome for a Green and Smart city

The seminar “Rome for a green and smart city” was held in the Piccinato Room of the Faculty of Architecture in Via Flaminia. Guest seminar speakers were Silvano Simoni, Department of Environmental Sustainability of Roma Capitale; Enrico Bonacci, Department of Energy Efficiency and Saving of Ministry of Economical Progress (MiSE); Federico Cinquepalmi, Ministry of University and Research (MiUR); Laura Ricci, Director of Department of Planning, Design and Technology of Architecture (PDTA) of Sapienza University of Rome; Marco Gazzino, Head of Partnership and Innovation Intelligence at Enel and Eleonora Egalini, Project Manager at GSE. Objective of the seminar was to talk about the future Smart Cities, regarding the possible sustainability perspectives they offer. During the seminar it was possible to outline the most important aspects of sustainable development and the possible applications of renewable energy sources, through best practices within the city of Rome.

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10th April 2017 – Faculty of Economics
Crisis Management & Communication: Environmental Communication

The seminar “Crisis Management & Communication: Environmental Communication” was held in the 8A Classroom of the Faculty of Economics of Sapienza University of Rome. Guest seminar speakers were Gabriele Bellocchi, vice-president of Italian Red Cross and Prof. Marco Casini, Faculty Advisor of Team Sapienza and Technology of Architecture Professor.
Objective of the seminar was to talk about the environmental issues of climate change, demography increase of the worldwide population against the decrease of resources, the effects of pollution on the environment and human health, and the role that the construction sector plays in this scenario and the possible solutions offered by the integration of renewable energy sources. During the seminar the objectives and mission of the Solar Decathlon Middle East competition were outlined, focusing on raising awareness on a global level about the environmental issues and the innovation of sustainable architecture through projects of excellence, first prototypes of the house of the future, just like the ReStart4Smart project.

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13th-14th March 2017 – Il Sole 24 Ore, Milan
Manufacturing Forum 2017: Manufacturing 4.0

The “Manufacturing Forum: new horizons of manufacturing and industry 4.0″ was held in Il Sole24Ore main headquarters in Milan. Objective of the seminar was to analyze the way to use new digital technologies to enhance the typical craftsmanship of the Italian business fabric. Guest speakers at the “Focus Building 4.0: Smart Building, a new generation for the construction industry” were Team Sapienza Faculty Advisor Prof. Marco Casini, also Technology of Architecture Professor at Sapienza University of Rome; Giulio De Gregorio, Habitat Director at Saint Gobain; Christian Mondini, Product Manager at Econocom International Italy and Piero Torretta, President of UNI. During the seminar it was possible to outline the characteristic innovations of smart buildings and the technologies they implement, in particular the Internet of Things and its possibilities of use within the project ReStart4Smart. Furthermore, the Faculty Advisor and Project manager Prof. Marco Casini unveiled Team Sapienza’s ReStart4Smart project, competing at the Solar Decathlon Middle East in Dubai.

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Focus Edilizia 4.0
Smart Building – Prof. Marco Casini 
ReStart4Smart Project – Marco Casini 


16th January 2017 – Faculty of Architecture Valle Giulia
Presentation of the Workshop BIM Valle Giulia

The Presentation of the Workshop BIM Valle Giulia, organized by the Student Representatives, was held in the Faculty of Architecture Lecture Hall. The Workshop main objective is to provide students, future designers, with the necessary instruments for a holistic approach to the architecture design to deal with the deep evolution that construction field is passing through. Team Sapienza Faculty Advisor Prof. Marco Casini launched the workshop with a speech outlining what the challenges of the XXI century architecture mean and the importance of a conscious application of a BIM software to better manage the complexity of an architecture project.

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9 Giugno 2016 – Regione Lazio Rome
Building Information Modeling: Innovazione e nuove frontiere della progettazione e manutenzione edilizia

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