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24th February 2017 – Faculty of Architecture Via Flaminia
Progetto Ponte 2017
Studying at the Faculty of Architecture: “From Architecture to Design”

On Friday 24th February, starting from 3.00 pm, the Faculty of Architecture academic programme was presented to high school students. In the Classroom 1 of the Faculty location in Via Flaminia, Prof. Fabrizio Cumo introduced the Degree Programme in Project Management in Building Construction: an opportunity for all the high school students at the last year of their courses to have a clear idea about the university world.
In the context of the presentation, Prof. Marco Casini, Environmental Certification of Buildings teacher, and Faculty Advisor of Team Sapienza SDME, held the lesson “Living the future: renewable energy, green building and smart city” with the purpose of encouraging future generations to the use of renewable energies and a more sustainable architecture. During the lesson, Prof. Marco Casini presented the project ReStart4Smart of Team Sapienza competing at the Solar Decathlon Middle East 2018 to the students.

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